"Elise was something else entirely. A completely different person. One could say she wasn’t quite a person at all, or I could, for to me she was always more than that. More like a force of nature, Elise reminded me of the summers sun, burning bright with strength and resolve. She was warm and gentle, but could burn you if crossed. And often she did. She was memories of cold winter nights, when the fire blazed brightly through the night. She was the fire. Never afraid to say what she wanted, when she wanted. No holding back, not there, and not with me. And it was there in the confines of her room, that she'd kiss me without hesitation or restriction. Without fear. In the dead of the night, when the world slept and the silence was deafening, she could fill the space with breathless cries, or hushed sighs of my name on repeat. Or gentle whispers of ‘I love you’. It was in those moments that her forged mask came off and she had never looked more beautiful."

― Cerys Treschgaard

Elise Atlas (née Blackwood) is the eldest daughter of Ives Atlas, and the former wife of Cabal Chairman Barron Blackwood.